A brief introduction to some of the words and phrases you may encounter as you seek to become more sustainable. It's hardly riveting reading, but you may find it helpful when a word stumps you. Access the glossary.

A consumer’s guide to retail carbon offset providers

Transportation, heating, and other activities contribute to your CO2 emissions, resulting in climate change. Carbon offsetting is a method of mitigating the damage of your emissions by funding sustainable energy projects. To learn more about this, read the report.

Ecological Footprint Calculator

The footprint discussion becomes tangible with this quiz. Simply enter some data about your living and consumption habits and the site will generate an assessment of your footprint. (Some will likely find the results rather frightening though.) Take the quiz.

Mohawk Environmental Calculator

You have to admire the ease of use found in this environmental calculator. It allows users to insert job details and determine the impact of modifying stocks and specifications. Access the calculator.

Paper Calculator

Environmental Defense is a nonprofit organization that has linked key groups to create innovative, equitable and cost-effective solutions to environmental problems. Their paper calculator provides a method of measuring the impact of paper choices. Use the tool.


Eco-design Toolkit
The folks at Organic Design Operatives (ODO) have created a handy PDF toolkit for designers looking to create eco-friendly projects. It includes a project worksheet, print estimate/specification form, a benefits calculator, and a list of online resources. Check out the toolkit.

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Pictured: Atlantic puffin. “Global warming, too, is having noticeable effects on global bird populations, causing disruption to the breeding cycles of many species and forcing migratory species to change their migration habits.” Source: Animal Planet. A0148-001062 Frans Lemmens/courtesy of Getty Images

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