10 things to help stop global warming

Take a peek at this quick list of personal changes to combat global warming, care of Al Gore’s omnipresent An Inconvenient Truth. Clearly they are relevant ideas; we just have to ask why he’s asking us to buy the DVD. Wouldn’t renting it be more appropriate? View the tips.

Can Sustainability Sell?

A joint effort by the UNEP and McCann-Erickson, this report addresses sustainability in a business context. Through the PDF, they consider the necessity for sustainable thinking and associated factors in a corporate climate while presenting a case for sustainability as a differentiating tool. Download the PDF.

Cradle to Cradle

William McDonough’s book, written with his colleague Michael Braungart calls for transforming human industry through ecologically intelligent design. This clear and persuasive volume is backed by case studies that establish an alternative perspective on green design. Buy the book (or pick it up at your local library.)

Declaration of Interdependence

Renowned Canadian icon David Suzuki asks us to assess our place in the world and evaluate how we can build a healthy balance. It’s well worth a read and perhaps some quiet contemplation if you are so inclined. Read the declaration.

Global Footprint Network

This network is working to make the Ecological Footprint as prominent of a metric as the GDP. This measure concerns itself with the ability of the Earth to regenerate what we consume. Since its inception it has already been joined by a number of organizations and is likely to be supported by 22 early adopters. Learn about the Ecological Footprint.

On Earth Day

Alex Steffen’s uncompromising wake-up call asking us to radically rethink our weak-kneed environmental initiatives. Some may find the article hard to swallow; nevertheless, it’s hard to argue with what Alex presents. Please read the article.

Rainforest Alliance

This 31,000 member strong nonprofit works to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods by transforming land-use practices, business practices and consumer behavior. Their site provides information on their many programs and opportunities to take part. Take a look.

Redefining Progress

By providing unbiased research, innovative tools and smart solutions, this policy institute works to develop solutions that help people, protect the environment, and grow the economy. Although their efforts are focused in the U.S., their site remains useful to others as well. View their site.


Green browsing is made fun at Treehugger, a web magazine that brings together items that hold a modern aesthetic and are environmentally responsible. Topics range from design and architecture to business and politics, as well as tips on going green, job boards and more. Start clicking.


A hub for green content, Zerofootprint connects people who care about the environment for the purpose of reducing ecological footprint. Their site features a green marketplace, lists of green events, and a blog dedicated to green activities and news. Take a look.

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Pictured: A Weddell seal. Gerry Miehl of the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, warns that continued global warming could eventually lead to an "ice-free Arctic."  Source: CNN. Photo: 452386-002 Art Wolfe/courtesy of Getty Images

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