Answers for buyers of graphic design (digital brochure)

A PDF booklet for your clients that explains how you are working to become more sustainable and how it affects them. Please share this booklet as you please, but do so by email, as it has been optimized for such use.
Download: Answers for buyers

Answers for designers (digital brochure)

A straight-forward PDF that quickly introduces designers to the Design Can Change initiative and serves to answer some of their first questions. Please send it to every design professional you know.
Download: Answers for designers

Design Can Change website link icons

Our power is in large part found in our collective strength. Please help us build awareness, by downloading one of the “change” icons and incorporating it in your website, with a link to Design Can Change. (These icons open in a new window. After that you can right click them with your mouse and select "save as".)
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Green Paper Guide

A guide intended to help you find the most environmental paper options available to you. (Last updated: February 10, 2007)
Download the Green Paper Guide

Sustainable Design Checklist

Keep your projects green by using this handy checklist to audit your decisions throughout the design process. The goal is to get as many checkmarks as possible.
Download the checklist 

The pledge and how to do more

PDF versions of the Design Can Change pledge and the tips on additional things you can do to become more sustainable.
The pledge PDF   Doing more PDF 

“Fully 30 to 40 percent of South African Proteaceae, for example, is forecast to go extinct as a result of climate change between now and 2050.” Source: National Geographic.

Photo: AA016909 Anthony Saint James/courtesy of Getty Images

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