Smart suppliers are making this an opportunity to differentiate.

Consider that AIGA members alone specify or purchase $9.1 billion in printing and paper, $650 million in photography and film, and $463 million in computer products. These numbers reveal why designers are bombarded by paper representatives, printers and other suppliers asking us to partner with them.

     The propositions that most use to lure us are nearly identical: good service, quality and price. Rarely are these offers compelling enough to separate us from who we have traditionally worked with. Today, however, there is an opportunity for suppliers to renegotiate the playing field. Designers the world over are actively seeking out progressive and knowledgeable partners, who can help them offer sustainable solutions to their clients. This is not a short-lived trend: while today's designers ask this of their suppliers, those of the next generation will demand it.

     Suppliers who adapt quickly will have great advantage over their competitors and prosper accordingly, but it’s an opportunity with limited time to act. Don’t hesitate—your competitors are mobilizing quickly to meet this demand.

Design Can Change

200241099-002 Jeremy Liebman/courtesy of Getty Images