Students must prepare for a shift that separates them from peers.

Odds are that you have never seen a PMT machine or smelled a waxer warming for paste-up. It wasn't long ago that such things were simply part of our profession. As you can imagine, those who were first to embrace digital design tools were at a huge advantage. Today, an even greater paradigm shift is afoot; disregard it at your own peril.

    Sustainability is becoming the most important addition to the creative brief. As much as we might not like to admit it, many designers aren't prepared for this. We've been busy working on our skills, learning about brands, adapting to new technology, and keeping our studios alive during some lean times.

    As a student, you have a great opportunity to enter our studios with skills that we may not possess while differentiating yourself from your classmates. A sustainable mindset is not difficult to embrace and many resources are available to you. Take the opportunity to fully embrace sustainable thinking. It is the future of design and will become as ubiquitous as the mouse.

    Come April, many of you will be applying for your first internships. When the flurry of applications land on the desks of creative directors, yours may look like one of a new breed, or just like all the others.

Design Can Change

200481570-001 Monica Rodriguez/courtesy of Getty Images