As designers, we can choose to make a great difference.

This site is focused around you, the designer, and why you have to become sustainable. By now, you know that embracing sustainable practices is simply necessary for any designer that wishes to stay competitive. But isn’t there more to it than that?

     Remember the first time one of your designs reached the public? If you are like us, you felt a wave of amazement, inspired by the fact that you could do something substantial with your craft. Suppose you were given the opportunity to regain that sense of accomplishment and delight?

     Perhaps this is the moment we have been waiting for, when we show the world that designers do impact positive change. This is our time to come together, engage in a global challenge, and present real solutions. You may feel differently, but for many of us, that's the most exciting possibility we’ve ever been presented with.

    In the following slides, we'll consider why those around us must also embrace this change. It should make for some good fodder during your next meeting with a supplier or job applicant. That said, please consider the above appeal. It's a compelling notion, isn't it?

Design Can Change

AA048935 Jack Hollingsworth/courtesy of Getty Images