Buyers of design will embrace  change or be left behind.

In a recent Financial Times article, Lee Daley, chief executive of Saatchi & Saatchi was quoted, "Companies which do not live by a green protocol will be financially damaged because consumers will punish them." Customers are starting to demand environmental accountability. As a result, businesses must reduce their footprint and ensure that their brands are perceived as sustainable.

    As a purchaser of design services, you can make change just by choosing your design partner well. Specify a designer who can bring sustainable thinking to your efforts while helping you find like-minded suppliers. Also note that sustainable practices in graphic design do not have to be costly. In fact, smart designers leverage efficient ways of working that often reduce costs to organizations.

    Most major brands have added sustainability to their business agendas. They recognize it as a competitive advantage and as a key to continued success. From a position of self-interest alone, you really have to start thinking green.

Design Can Change

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