What is Design Can Change?

Design Can Change is a non-commercial initiative aimed at bringing together the design community and making system-wide change to how our work affects the planet.

The Design Can Change initiative is intended to:  

- Bring together the design community to leverage our collective strength
- Establish a set of definitive standards that we can all readily implement
- Showcase the work of designers committed to the environment
- Promote designers and studios who embrace sustainable practices
- Raise awareness of the importance of sustainable-thinking

“Sustainable design is everything good design ought to be, delivering the best (social, environmental and economic) performance or result for the least (social, environmental and economic) cost. It is the strategic use of design to meet and integrate current and future human needs without compromising the environment.” - Beatrice K. Otto. Source: Design Council. 200447000-002 Sven Schrader/courtesy of Getty Images

Design Can Change