Doing more

The following are little things you might consider as you move along the path to sustainability. The list is incomplete, but should get the ball rolling towards change.

Design and strategy

- Design for re-use
- Maximize the shelf-life of your design
- Scrutinize the efficiency of your selected method
- Compare the impacts of each concept you develop
- Employ targeted efforts instead of mass mailings
- Do your proofing on-screen
- Encourage rich PDFs for annual reports
- Eliminate blank pages in your booklets and brochures
- Use office scrap paper or a tablet for sketching and brainstorming
- Learn about greenwashing, promise never to engage in it, and call out
  any product guilty of it


- Use local vendors who are committed to the environment
- Print on PCW stock
- Try running your next project on cotton or kenaf fiber if it's available to you
- Maximize use of the entire press sheet
- Minimize ink coverage
- Learn the words chlorine-free and vegetable-based and insist upon them
- Choose products that are manufactured with renewable energy
- Keep tabs on the latest printing and production technologies
- Avoid transporting printed proofs by using printers with synched
  and calibrated monitors for review

Your business

- Make best use of your website and limit your reliance on printed promotions
- Provide preferential pricing to organizations who embrace sustainability
- Treat your commitment as a competitive advantage in marketing efforts
  and when bidding on projects
- Become an expert, and counsel your clients on how to become more
  sustainable in their practices
- Get connected with local environmental groups and pool resources
- Go paperless: invoice digitally or sign-up for online bill notification

Around the studio

- Use your knowledge of green design in revamping your workspace
- Recycle all of your computer equipment and ink cartridges
- Use rewritable formats and web services instead of disposable media
- Turn off the lights on a sunny day
- Go vegetarian at lunch
- Get a filter and drink water from your tap
- Walk to meetings, ride a bike or take transit
- Limit use of motorized couriers
- Consider buying energy credits
- Embrace a green lifestyle when you leave the studio

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